Structural Steel Fabrication

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RKR Steel Products and services are available for all types of steel projects. We have a wealth of experience in all areas like.. Erection of Structural steel, warehouse sheds, car sheds, Oil tanks, Pressure vessels, mezzanine floors, walkway platform, Cage ladders, Handrails, heavy weigh bridges, Circular columns, construction Pears, Pipe spools for oil field & special steel brackets

Our production efforts are driven by our prerogative approach to reach total quality. To ensure the strict achievement of our customers’ requirements & schedules throughout the entire value chain, we operate in a seamless and systematic manner from the stage of planning to delivery.

Our structural steel fabricators and welders provide a comprehensive range of skills with a high standard of service. They closely work with production engineers to bring work to professional and international standards such as BS, ASTM codes for standard practice steel building Construction.

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